LittleRed Storyteller

LittleRed Storyteller

      Since her camming debut in 2009, LittleRedBunny has become the face of webcam models – taking sensuality, erotic playfulness, and sex appeal to another level. She distinguishes herself with artistry in a burlesque style of eroticism and her easy-going social interaction while making strong bonds with guests in her online speakeasy.

After winning the inaugural 2014 AVN Award for Favorite Web Cam Girl and the 2013 Sex Award for Best Web Cam Girl, Newsweek’s declared her “the Queen of Cam Girls.”

    Her growing fame and recognition as one of the most awarded (15 awards in five years) and recognizable models in the industry led LittleRedBunny to represent the web cam industry in the media. She is considered an icon and influencer and has been featured in many industry and mainstream publications nationally and internationally including CNBC, Maxim, Cosmopolitan and GQ.


       I may be unknown as Ophelia Marcus. But at night when I go into my bedroom and turn on my webcam as LittleRedBunny I am, still unbelievable to me, very well known all over the internet for my artistic form of camming. Not only by my visitors, but also through the media and cam community.

While many think my career as a cammodel is all about sex and sexuality, I spend most of my time online talking and telling stories. In fact, even though I may be one of the most awarded and recognized models in the industry, I only got to this level because of my ability to socialize and tell stories, and more importantly, listening to other’s stories.

So when I was asked to talk about telling my story as a cammodel, there is no way I can do it without including the stories of those who have come into my life since I started this journey in front of a web cam. These amazing people I have met over the last decade are the primary reason I enjoy and stayed in this industry for so long. Because when I first started out camming, I didn’t speak or show my face.


To get to other’s stories, I have to start with mine.


If you visit me online, I look confident and composed when I’m performing and entertaining, but when I first started it took me weeks to show my face on camera or to even speak in free chat.

Even though I have always been a confident, secure person, sex was something personal and intimate, so to expose my sexuality publicly when it was normally so private was way out of my comfort zone. I was terrified the first time I had to show my “pinky parts” in a private show.

I say this story first because to my surprise I have learned over the last few years, not only when I began to travel to industry events around the globe but through visitors in my cam room that many people see me as this great influencer, inspiration and even icon among cam models.

I will be honest with you; I’ve never felt comfortable being viewed as such an icon because I don’t think I’m any different or more special than any other person. Cammodels all start in pretty much the same boat. We all start camming a little unsure of what to do and how we will feel.

But how did I go from this shy and timid little independent cam model to be considered “Queen of the Camgirls” as well as the “Empress” among the media and cam model industry?

Stories. It’s that simple. Listening to others and sharing our stories.

Models log in and visit me in my cam room to get in the mood before they went online, or to cheer up, join me for a coffee break or just ask questions. They are often surprised and appreciative of how I talk with them just as much as I do with members. They are so flattering to me online and in person at events telling me how inspiring and important I am to them.

While I’m honored and very humbled to be told such wonderful things, I still don’t think I’ve fully grasped or feel my reputation among models.

When I’m at events I always say I’m more used to be on all fours on my bed than walking around on two feet. On more than one occasion I’ve walked into a room or area where a large amount of people are standing around watching me come in, and I proceeded to accidently dump the contents of my purse on the floor in front of me. “Queen” and “Empress?”  Ummm, not so much!


We all have stories.


Ask a random person on the street what they think a cam model is, typical answers may be: porn star, sex worker, online strippers, an escort or a prostitute. I am none of those, and neither are the vast majority of models.

Ask that same person what type of people would go online to visit and spend time with a cam model, and you most likely will get comments like  : perverts, creepers, cheaters, lonely losers and other unflattering names.

This is typically the furthest thing from the truth. Many of my members range from students to middle class average joes to business professionals and people with advanced degrees and high-profile careers.

They range in age from the 20s to people past 60. Many are well read, articulate and come from everywhere across the globe. Most are just looking for interaction and connections. They may be socially isolated or too busy for a relationship. I also get happily married couples or people in relationships who bring their wife or girlfriend along for the experience. Sometimes the girl will come back to see me on her own.

There are also a wide variety of reasons why people seek out cam models. There’s not one “type” of person who visits my room. Several of my members even come to my room and broadcast me in place of television because of the wide range of conversations and topics which occur, leading some to call my room the “LittleRedBunny Learning Channel.” Regardless of their reasons for visiting, I’ve built many strong, lasting relationships and bonds with a large part of the members who visit me in my cam room over the last decade.

One of the main things which started to get me out of my shy, dimly-lit bubble is the interactions I have with the guests and members who visit my room.

Yes, I do get the typical compliments and flirtatious “lines” so common in all chat rooms like, “did it hurt when you fell from heaven, because you are an angel,” among others. Although one of my favorites, though slightly gross comparison was, “I wish you were my big toe, ‘cause I’d love to bang you on all my furniture!” Even now that still makes me laugh.


(Image quote) “Ophelia accepted me without judgement or reservation. She invited me into her fold of regular fans- people I also proudly call friends. She didn’t beg for tips or privates. She didn’t simply “tease” in freechat. She genuinely interacted with everyone. She remembered names, birthdays, personal problems people were struggling with, and details about the joys in the lives of her members.” -David Billings, regular member


Finding common stories.

My burlesque style, vintage look and music brings in a certain type of guest who appreciates what I do and who I am due to shared affinities. Ironically, my look, room, style and music were all things many people told me would keep me from being successful in the cam industry.

My dim room was and still is unlike most all rooms you will see online. Many are brightly lit with vivid colors and fancy, modern décor meant to invoke the look of wealth and class.

For me it’s all about simplicity, and it all boils down to the interaction between the guests and myself.

While the esthetics of my room define the atmosphere to a certain extent, the true essence and secret to my room is the communication and exchanges that happened, grow and develop not only between myself and my guests, but between the guests as well.

The dynamic in my room is very unique and is what distinguishes me from what most people see online. I still receive comments from guests, members and models on how different my room looks and feels compared to others.

My free chat is a specific atmosphere and mood: dark, romantic, intimate, cozy and personal.

My guests and members feel like that have been transported by a time machine to a past era, something resembling Boardwalk Empire or The Great Gatsby, and see me as the host at a secret speakeasy. My guests and members love it, and it brings them, and myself a certain level of comfort.

Her show…can best be described as an X-rated Cirque du Soleil act. She dances. She stretches. She adjusts her thong with a stiletto heel. She puts her legs behind her head… It’s surprising, and at times seems like way too much work. But it’s also sexy as hell.” – EJ Dickson, The Daily Dot


Intertwining paths and stories

I can’t really go on talking about myself without bringing up an example of the amazing people who not only surround me during my time online but supported me in many ways.

One example of a person I need to spotlight is a member named Propdoc.  When I started becoming more prominent in the industry and won my first award, he did something for me I never asked for nor did he tell me he was doing. He went on his own and built and created a website for me to help with promotion and communication with my fans.

Not only was this an unexpected and generous gesture out of love and caring but is the kind of thing I could never thank someone enough for doing for me. I’ve always been so appreciative of him for this.

His influence triggered me to create a logo and started the snowball effect of my branding, I also inspired him as well as others with things and topics discussed in my room.

For example my music, my knowledge and conversations have led many guests to be introduced to jazz music and it has led them to go on to research, learn about and became great fans and listeners to the music genre. The same thing often happens with movies, books, food, cocktails and even relationship advice.

There is always a shared knowledge in my room that exposes others to new things and experiences which I find a wonderful effect I can have on them. They often have a great effect and influence on me too.

Propdoc is also an example of the many people who visit me for an escape from rough times they may be dealing with in their real life. They reach out to me for a fantasy and for healing, or just some help and be a distraction from troubled times. The caring I give to them is often returned in wonderful and unexpected ways.

My story is one of authenticity.



The person you see on cam is the person I am in real life too. I started out shy on cam, and in real life, I’m still very shy.

In a public setting I’m someone who would rather sit in the corner of the room away from all the action. But when I’m performing, I give all of myself into it. It’s a passion and an art form to me.

I think I became this way because I realized early on that if I wasn’t doing anything on cam, it would just be my members staring at me staring at them. So I engage them, not only with movement and teasing but conversation as well.

I learned from my training in yoga and ballet to control my body, and I also use that attitude to eventually control my room too. When you enter my room, you see who I am. You see the things I really like.

My story is there for all to see, not just verbally with the conversations and interactions but physically through how I dress, my body language, the light, the mood and the music.

Even in my social media posts and content I put on my websites, I always try to keep my signature style, look, humor and feel into everything I do. I dislike things that are cliché and look like everyone else.

Sure, I may not get the same number of followers or likes on some things I post, but maintaining my morals and integrity always comes first over how many people may like the things I put out there. I would rather have five people truly like and appreciate the things I do than have 500 blindly click “like” just because I show my ass or tits in a picture with no real heart or emotion to it.



I greatly appreciate when I get thoughtful replies to my posts on social media, especially when my members use some wit or an inside joke from my cam room. Things like that really makes me smile when I’m offline, and I also appreciate they took the time for me and a funny, thoughtful reply.

My approach to camming always came from my artistic knowledge, and my reading, curiosity and research into sexuality, eroticism and anthropology, all things I was very passionate about since I was a teenager.

I incorporate ideas and elements from eroticism and the sexuality of different cultures on an anthropologic level. I even used aspects of Tantrism and Taoism philosophies and practices as well as erotic literature like Marquis de Sade and Henry Miller as well as the Kinsey reports on the psychological studies on sexuality and relationships between men and women.

I used my knowledge of photography, cinema, theater and lighting to blend all these elements together into my performance online, and my interaction with people to create this great approach and success to what I do. So, what is my next, natural progression? Just keep doing what I do?


The next big twist to my story.

Since a young age I’ve always had the dream and desire to travel and discover the world and all of its various cultures.

To my surprise, camming allowed me to virtually view other people’s lives through their stories. It makes things exciting.

I look forward to going online to entertain my friends and be educated by them in return. I transported myself out of my shy little bubble into their life’s bubble, while also sharing my stories and experiences with them. It is a privilege to learn from them.

It’s more of a social bonding than sexual (although often it can be both), and it makes the time go by so fast and makes this all so enjoyable. I couldn’t believe I had been doing it for nearly five years when I found out I was nominated for my first award and it would be my first step in travelling to all these places I dreamed of visiting!

When I first went to Spain in 2015 for an industry event and awards show, it was my very first trip to Europe, and the first time I got to meet in person many of the cam models I had gotten to know online, most of whom were from Romania.

I was unprepared and quite frankly overwhelmed at the reactions I got from other models. The outpouring of emotion from them, their kind words, their respect and admiration towards me were so unexpected and surprising that I didn’t know how to deal with it. Some models would hug me and cry, almost shaking at meeting me.

I didn’t know why I had this effect on them, and it was something very hard for me to handle and come to grips with personally because I felt like I was still emerging from my cocoon as an independent cam model. After the event, I sat at the beach and I literally broke into tears from being overwhelmed.

Since then I have had the amazing pleasure to travel to so many places and experience so many wonderful cultures, food and drink along this journey. It all hasn’t been smooth sailing though.

Going to the heat and humidity in Miami and Colombia gets my hair to frizz up into Little Orphan Annie levels, and is not kind to my feet, which have a tendency to swell up about three shoe sizes from normal. But I never complain about things like that, because the joy I get making new friends, meeting old ones and learning new stories and experiences has greatly added to the richness of knowledge to my life.


Sharing my stories.

The next natural step for me is to use my knowledge, experience and stories to help other models find their comfort zone, method, style and approach to achieve their own personal goals. This has led me to create my LittleRedAcademy and the Camology philosophy for The Art of Camming.

My desire is to improve the quality, motivation and earnings of models and to help stand out in a very competitive market. I found my best assets and learned how to bring them in the spotlight and shine, so I feel I should help others to find their own talents and beauty, inside and out and make them shine too. I officially announced it in 2017 and have already worked closely with many independent and studio models, as well as consulting with entire studios.

This is an entirely new chapter in my life, and one I am excited to be going through right now. What happens with my Academy and the next step of my story? I have no idea.

I know where I would like certain things to end up, but that is the excitement of going through life. You never know where your story will go. All I know is, I can’t wait to see how my story looks in another ten years, and all the other stories I will hear from others along the way.



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